2020 The Adelphi Hotel

Type: Ornament
Price: $20.00


In 1877, The Adelphi Hotel opened its doors to visitors seeking luxury among the natural spas and springs that made Saratoga a resort destination. The hotel was considered a hub of Saratoga society where the movers and shakers would make deals bringing horse racing and casinos to the region. This landmark is the last of the grand 19th century hotels still operating as a hotel. After a recent five-year renovation by current owners the Adelphi Hotel Group, the hotel manages to recapture its Victorian sensibility with luxurious guest rooms and modern amenities. With an inspired idea, an artifact from the old Adelphi is placed in each guest room in recognition and appreciation of the hotel’s history. Perhaps you will want to stay awhile, enjoy any of their exemplary dining experiences, have a drink on the hidden patio and imagine what it must have been like to stay at the Adelphi of yore.

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